Metropolitan Computer Services, Inc. (MCS) is a full-service corporate computer training provider with a special focus on motivational positive reinforcement and a high level of customization. We pride ourselves on over 18 years of experience and service, thousands of happy students, and multitude of satisfied clients.

MCS owner and founder Frank J. Pannacchione has developed a highly effective educational system leveraging his extensive training experience and combining it with a customized approach infused with the power of motivation. MCS goes beyond simply providing relevant education. We provide a framework for employees to apply their newly acquired skills on the job.

Our Mission

Complete customization with a motivational spin is what sets Metropolitan Computer Services, Inc. apart from the rest. MCS makes the class environment easy, light, and exciting to learn a topic that is sometimes hard to sit through. Our methods of delivery are customized based on your staff requirements and capabilities. These classes are not typical boring computer classes.

Our Promise

MCS helps businesses and government agencies to:

  • Expand performance by increasing productivity and effectiveness of individuals and aligning them with their missions

  • Assess personnel competencies against job requirements, identify gaps and deliver targeted knowledge that is relevant to seniority, position, rank or pay grade

  • Develop and retain personnel efficiently and thoroughly while minimizing time away from the position

  • Utilize the tools that your business has invested in

What makes MCS stand out above the rest?


The MCS team of education professionals recognizes that no two businesses are alike. With over 23 years of corporate experience our learning solutions are fully customized to meet the needs of your agency and your employees. Classes are developed to exactly what your business needs. We work together to craft a unique curriculum using the actual challenges that your employees face. The entire experience is grounded in your company's day-to-day operations. By utilizing actually examples in the custom training, it cements the complex concepts in the minds of the students.


How a class is delivered is one of the most important aspects of training. Our teams of educators go beyond teaching skills. Motivational teaching is incorporated in our classes. We create a positive and effective atmosphere that empowers students. With high energy, positive reinforcement, and exciting themes employees learn feeling confident and successful.


Our trainers are certified and experienced instructors with time-tested methods and a track record of highly satisfied clients. MCS is especially skilled at identifying performance challenges and creating comprehensive training solutions for many desktop applications as well as for specific hardware needs. From training your senior managers on advanced leadership skills, to instructing assistants on the latest computer program, MCS is the only training resource that your business or agency needs to succeed.

Notable Clients:

MCS’ work on delivery training sessions to a cross section of our population was nothing less that amazing. Their personable style of presenting and vast expertise in the subject was appreciated by all who attended the sessions. MCS went above and beyond in ensuring that attendees enjoyed their time and that any questions they had were answered.
— Andrea Adera, Learning and Development